You are not a Gadget

A BAROP if you have not met one is a Big-Ass Roll of Paper which allows for endless typewriter rambling without page breaks. I recommend procuring one post-haste. They tend to be found rolling around eBay at reasonable prices.

Since it is Silent Type season, I would be remiss if I did not mention that I gathered up a large parcel of submissions from the PO box today (well, the husband picked them up actually, credit where credit is due) and the spreadsheet should be more or less up to date.

Do you still intend to contribute, but are worried you can’t make the April 1st date? Please let me know. I’ll see what I can work out. I am impressed though that, unlike with issue 1, I have critical mass before the deadline. Nice work, everyone.

PS: This post written with a Lettera 22.


  1. Mines done! I just have to send it out tomorrow. I really hope it gets to you in time!

    What are people sending theirs in. Just wondering

  2. You beat me!

    I do have the envelope ready though. Its one of those large 9×11 types so a full page will lay flat.

  3. I sent mine in a regular 9×12 envelope, with some old cut-down manila folder included to help prevent bending. Glad it arrived! And now to be paranoid about the submission quality…

  4. A typecast on a BAROP AND a Lettera? Delightful.

    Erm…my poem(s) should be ready to go out with the mail today. Should.

    And yes, then hand-wringing over quality.

  5. James – I folded mine up and put it in a normal size envelope.

    Strikethru – I like the idea of that book. And cheers for the “joys of analog life”.

    I wish I had never rid myself of my Lettera 22. It was the first machine I ever bought and now it’s gone.


  6. Whew. Sent mine out today! I also used a 9×12 as it’s what I had on hand.

    For a moment I just need to curse Google Autosave. I went to fill in the sign up sheet today only to find my name already there, way up at the top, not even capitalized, no other info filled in… oh these interwebs and their baffling workings. I had started to fill the thing out early on then changed my mind a few seconds in, decided to wait until it was officially in the mail, and *thought* I deleted it.

    And now I’m typing unnecessarily long comments because that is what I do when I embarrass myself on the internet.

  7. TT

    Don’t know where to leave general comments about Strikethru, but I just wanted to say that this is the perfect blog for me…all of my interests, typewriters (I have 15) writing, history of writing, pens, retro office technology, film photography and cinematography, poetry, the fate of the hard copy…its all here! If I’m not working, collecting, writing, or practicing (cello) I’ll be reading Strikethru for inspiration. Wonderful!

  8. Just checking in. I guess I am finally back in the typewriter fold, after an absence. I picked up a Skywriter on Ebay, a tan with green keys to go with my other Smith coronas. Sticking with that color scheme seems to at least limit the number of typewriters I have. And it seems perfect for travelling, so I think I may have to try typing in public. Glad to see the new zine is working out.

  9. I’ll be back to the PO box shortly to pick up any recent deliveries.

    TT, glad to hear you found the blog!

    Teri, long time no type. Good to hear from you.

    Justin, I will get back to you about the typewriters I have that I need to give to someone.

  10. CharlieO

    Hey, I just bought my first typewriter today and found this blog shortly after. I love this blog! I kinda wish there was a forum on it too!

  11. Cheryl, I’ve sent my poem today from ARGENTINA, Couldn’t get a faster service since don’t have a phone number and other info they ask me for 3-6 days deliver to WA. Anyway, would reach there, aprox. 7-10 APR. HOPE YOU COULD CONSIDER THE POST STAMP DATE TO LET MY POEM HAVE A CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN SILENT TIPE #2… BEST REGARDS, Carlos SIMS

  12. Your intro paragraph strikeout made me LOL.

    Still looking for a bare surface in the dungeon studio for the BAROP and typer. Maybe if I stack it on top of the mimeo…

  13. I admit my submission is a total cop-out: a poem I wrote a very, very, very long time ago, and more fluffy/cutesy than profound. What with everything else going on, it was about all I could manage. Kinda pathetic, though.

  14. JL, Wait, what did I strike out? Must go back and read it.

    Aw LFP, its going to be brilliant.

    Carlos, I will happily wait for your poem.

    CharlieO: a forum? Hadn’t considered that.