You are an artist

Ya know, as a post script I’m adding several years into the future, this was a little silly.


  1. I second this. Wholeheartedly.

  2. I concur.
    Also I don’t know why, but I really like the tape accents – they add to the composition.

  3. For someone who seemed so burned out on this bloggery thing, it looks like you’ve worked your way through to the other side. The change in media — from typecasting to scrapbooking — has reinvigorated your blog. Congratulations, and many thanks from those of us who struggle with inadequate self-confidence.

  4. Art


    You’re super awesome strikethru. 🙂 Keep up the very good work.

  5. thanks for the creative ideas. 🙂 you somehow made me rethink about everything I’ve been doing bout my thesis for grad school. What funner way to do it. 🙂

  6. Ted

    Tell husband: “not crass – truth!”

    also, can’t wait to unpack my paper goods. I’ll be building something for consideration in ST3. (:

  7. “Bovine Scatalogy” is a good substitute, but I wholeheartedly endorse the sentiment. Great post.

  8. We all know this stuff but hey, thanks for reminding us Cheryl.

  9. Thanks guys, yes I wrote this actually to remind myself, count me into the low confidence crowd. Also, it was an excuse to use masking tape in a post. 🙂

    Word verification: cowar

    I am definitely an artistic cowar.

  10. As a new reader, I am impressed not only with your creativity, but also with your scanner! What kind do you use? The colors and imagery come out so clear.

  11. Thanks Dominique, it’s actually kind of old, its an Epson Perfection 610. I just use the scanner software that comes with it, and sometimes use adobe photoshop elements to resize scans and such. I don’t usually boost colors or anything like that. Someone should do a post on scanning techniques….

  12. *Snort* The flowers on the BS card cracked me up. Crass it may be, but the best descriptor as well.

    Good stuff, Strike. I think we’d all be a little bit better at our art if only we had the confidence to admit to our artistry.

    I, for one, am perfectly willing to accept the moniker of artist. Now, if only I could don the label of paid artist, I’d be set.

  13. Very Lovely! And so true…

  14. Good to remember this! You got it right.

  15. Thank you. I needed to see that today.

  16. Art

    You know, about being a paid artist… when you sell your first piece, it’s a really strange experience. I much prefer trade.

  17. Thanks for the pep-talk-picture-cast. (Pepcast?)

  18. Bluejay

    *~No More Art Guilt!~*

  19. BC1460

    “Art is anything you can get away with.” [Later rendered, “whatever”] — Marshall McLuhan (1964 & 1967 books)

  20. Pepcast?!

    Wait, how did you know I was reading Marshall McLuhan…