Vintage office sticky notes, mail art, self pity

Here’s Cavallini’s sticky notes, they have lots of other stuff, some typewriter-themed.

Know that I’m reading your blogs, and apologize for not commenting for the last week or two, I’ve been reading on a smartphone during middle-of-the-night baby monkeyshines, and have not yet mastered the art of thumb-typing in microscopic forms with a virtual keyboard while insanely sleep-deprived.

There was some other footnote I was going to add, but I totally forgot. Worst. Pencast. Ever. (Brought to you by Lamy Safari medium nib and Myndology ring-bound notebook)


  1. First: Awesome sticky notes.

    Second: It is always, ALWAYS difficult to get back to the regular grind after a break, ESPECIALLY after creating an entire human, I’m sure.

    Third: The Lamy Safari M is a great, smooth pen nib. BUT. It dumps a lot of ink on the page, especially when one uses regular standard paper. The smooth premium stuff works a little better, but the trade-off is that is dries a lot slower.

    Fourth: Sigh…I always mean to do the letter writing thing.

  2. Good luck going back to the work world. We’ve been enjoying your recent activity (and the mail art!).

  3. Wait, can’t you just make *another* human being? Because we’ve come to kind of rely on you. Stop being so selfish.

  4. Agreed with mike. I don’t like breaks for that reason. And I wish i could write letters to total strangers. I tried. And got bored. And forgot.

    Well, the one good thing about going back to work is it means you enjoy what small breaks you get more, right?


  5. I’ve been looking at the Lamy Safari to replace the pen I currently use. I am drawn to the low-cost, but I’ll have to give it a test drive on several types of paper.

    Having to go back to work makes coming home after a hard day even more special.

  6. A plug if you aren’t getting typewriter mail: send an email to typed dot letter at gmail dot com.

  7. The lamy M is ink-dumpy, I never thought of it like that.

  8. Don’t forget to bring some choice pencils with you to work- for that stream-of-consciousness hold-those-thoughts coffee break journaling !

  9. Speculator, I already have! Wouldn’t be without them.