Vintage airmail stickers from Laughing Elephant

A couple of years ago, I bought a packet of vintage airmail stickers from a Portland art supply store. There were 46 stickers total, and each one was a different design – no duplicates. They’re great – I’ve been using them on letters and such, but I was down to just a few remaining, and so decided to hit the Laughing Elephant web site the other day to order another set.

Now, there’s lots of cool stickers on the Laughing Elephant site; Monda would love these, for example. And gosh, some of you sci fi nerds would be crazy to pass up the world of tomorrow set. But! No vintage airmail labels to be found online. Surely some kind of administrative oversight.

I called the Laughing Elephant customer service line to ask how to order them, and was given the harsh news:


Apparently for some time now! Aaaarg! My mind returned to the scene of the initial purchase, where there was a small bin of them by the register of that art store… I should have scooped up all that remained when I had the chance! Where is a world of tomorrow time machine when you need one?

Just then, the guy on the phone said that someone, on hearing of my despair (My exact words were, in fact, “noooooo!”), dug two remaining packs out of the warehouse… the last two.


However, if you suddenly find, like me, that you can’t live without vintage airmail stickers, there is a very cool-looking handmade set on Etsy right now. Check out the plush typewriter while you are there.


  1. Argh! Isn’t it horrible when that happens? How lucky that they had even a couple left that they’re willing to send to you.

    You’ve got me longing for vintage airmail stickers now! Amazon do a good-looking set too, I’ve just discovered –

  2. Nice find Bruce, those look pretty cool.

  3. Once again a delicious spot of blogging, Strikey! I have had trouble finding those stickers but now that Cavallini are doing them (thanks Bruce), I feel sure that they will be easier to obtain in future.
    If you end up with airmail rubber stamps as well, then one of the most difficult decisions in life turns out to be “stamp or sticker, stamp or sticker?”. Sometimes I will be there for hours…

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  6. Anonymous

    Hello fellow Vintage Airmail fans!

    I am so glad someone brought this to our attention, because you have no need to despair!

    As an employee of Laughing Elephant, its true we had a few weeks in which we decided to discontinue them, luckily we have come to our senses and they will be available, in a better form even! Instead of the “packet” they were in they will now be in a box and have 92 vintage air mail stickers. The old pack had 46.

    You can pre-order them now by calling 1-800-354-0400, or they will be up on our website to order as soon as we receive the improved and expanded Air Mail Sticker Box and they are ready to ship on May 3rd!

    Available right now is this really cool new product that nicely expands on the vintage airmail theme Aerograms!
    Here is a link to check this brand new line out:

    I am so glad you have enjoyed ours, and without naming names, I do truly think Laughing Elephant’s Vintage Style Air Mail Collection, is by far the most truly unique and stylish. But then again I may be biased!