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Paper Typewriter #2


Made of leftover printer paper, scotch tape, and a Hicklebee’s bookstore label.

Orange Typewriter


For years I collected and blogged about typewriters, and knew more about them than anyone in the 21st century should. Read more…

Paper Typewriter


Made from cardboard, foil tape, various paper.

California Typewriter & handmade notebooks

So I’ve up and moved to California and decided that a visit to California Typewriter is in my near future. Have you been? See the thing is, all my typewriters are in storage, along with everything I own except two shirts and a pen. Must rectify this.

Unrelatedly, I’ve taken up a new hobby of making notebooks, most recently constructed entirely of paper grocery bags, Scotch tape, and cardboard packaging, owing to my lack of personal effects. Behold, a gallery.

So, a new colleague of mine (correction, I am the new one) brought two pristine Olympia typewriters to the office the other day, a Craigslist find, along with a box of accessories I’ve only read about, typewriter oil and ribbon tins, this sort of thing. I was working at my desk and heard typing, this is how I found out about it. Trying to talk her into starting a typewriter club at [my latest tech employer about which You Probably Have a Strong Opinion]. Which has, unexpectedly, an Analog Research Lab full o screenprinting equipment.

That is all.

Paper typewriter

No, I didn’t yet secure the typewriter shack of my dreams due to budgetary constraints. But in the mean time, my kids can enjoy this:

Typewriter Shed

Here’s a theme song for this post.

Drawing typewriters with an iPad and Adobe Ideas

Some of you out there in the typosphere are posessed of drawing skills; I’m not among you, to my sincere regret. Thankfully (oh, the irony) there is, these days, a digital crutch for every weakness (thank you, GPS) and now, with an iPad and Adobe Ideas, you too can draw a pretty good typewriter based on tracing over a photograph, and you won’t even need to scan it when you’re finished. The only hitch? Coming up with more money than God in order to buy one.

I have a feeling most typospherians would do the math on how many fountain pens a single iPad would be worth, and would then take a pass.

Leaving a typewriter behind

350 lbs of deep &^%$ (or, the Great Petaluma Typewriter Haul)
The Underwood Standard Champion

Allow me to follow on this post by saying I’ve never regretted giving a typewriter away. It’s almost always the right thing to do, especially if it’s going to someone who doesn’t already have a spare bedroom full of dusty typewriter cases lying about, and is new to the hobby. If the Underwood Standard Champion was this guy’s first typewriter, I could just tell by the look in his eye, it won’t be his last.

Anyway, I reason that leaving a 50 lb analog writing machine behind at a giant software corporation as a parting gesture imparts a certain je ne sais quoi.

Favorite typewriter presents

I have a couple of friends who are artists, and on top of that very generous people who always make amazing handmade birthday gifts for friends and relatives. Today we had a thing for my birthday, for which they gave me the following card and present.

My crappy cell phone camera doesn’t really demonstrate properly that this is 3-D and even the keys are punched out and angled upward:

This is about three feet wide and quite impressive to behold, each of the keys is actually a frame with a removable glass window for putting pictures, etc., although I’m likely to keep it just the way it is. They cut all the pieces by hand:

Wowza. What typewriter gifts have y’all gotten from people? For example, I know Duffy Moon’s wife made him a typewriter cake once which I’ve just tried in vain to find online somewhere…

Seattle type-in: July 30

I entirely neglected to mention many things about this outing, such as Elizabeth’s collection of fountain pens (including this Lamy Safari that I have coveted for some time), and a couple of crude nicknames that somehow materialized (one based on something very dumb that I said, alas). Mike Speegle, welcome to Washington.

Whoops, one more addition, just learned that Adwoa was in virtual attendance before I even arrived. Sorry to have missed you! Also, we forgot to go to the Fremont antique mall, folks.

Oh man, now I have to update “my typewriters: a list” at left…