The Pocket Square camera

I just learned about the lo-fi Pocket Square camera (“Miniscule square-format photos and videos with analog edge”) on the blog Miss Doxie (jump to point #4 where she provides a funny interpretation of the user’s manual) and although it is $100 dollars more than I should be spending on thingamajigs at the moment, I am intrigued.

It’s a super small digital camera with no viewfinder that takes square 6″ x 6″ photos and has lo-fi filters (yellow, ‘noise,’ and monochrome).

Thing is, probably even a cool camera like this would result in crummy photos if I was behind the lens, because of the following fact: I am a terrible photographer. If you lay your mitts on one though, I want to see the pictures.

Note: image shamelessly lifted from Photojojo web site for this post.


  1. “There are no crummy photographers, only crummy photos”
    –Michael McGettigan, er, me.

    “Your first ten thousand photos are your worst.” – Henri Cartier Bresson

    A friend took a photo class where the teacher had them shoot a roll holding the camera sideways in their hand, at waist level, etc, anything but looking through the finder.

    Then they examined the proof sheets and had to pick a favorite.

    They also had to set a little alarm timer and travel around and when it went off, had to shoot the first pic that “made sense”.

    I don’t know about that camera… I’d get an old polaroid 600 and some new Impossible Project film and take one pic an hour. You can always type on the bad (or the best) ones

  2. Ryan Shanabarger

    IMHO if you’re going to use a digital camera that has few features, its still a digital camera lol!

    I actually have a couple really nice apps for the iPhone that turn it into a similar device. Options about the edge of the photo, filters, etc. Check out 8mm, an awesome video app. makes really cool effects.

  3. To, like, paraphrase Bertrand Russell: We have no defense against the seduction of cuteness.