Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011


  1. “We are all typesetters now”
    Me, 1998, after setting my first book on a MacII NT. And having it pay for itself in the process!

  2. Where would Microsoft be without Apple? In court, defending itself against charges of monopolizing the personal computer industry. Competition makes for better products, all around.

    I’m not a Mac, by the way, but I can respect those who follow that alternative belief system.

  3. Anonymous

    What a great way to say: Don’t waste the days of your life. That sentiment is more valuable than the technical improvements he brought to the world.

    Jeff The Bear

  4. I was as captivated with your wonderful calligraphy as I was by the message.

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  5. So embarrassing fact, I cried when I heard he died. It was the dorkiest moment ever!

    Secondly, I thought I’d share a buddhist practice I recently heard of that is related. Every morning when the monks would wake up in this community they would talk to a “birdie on their shoulder”. They would imagine a small bird perched on their shoulder, and they would turn to it and everyday they would ask “Is this the day I am going to die little birdie?”

    I think there is something lovely about that. They sought to live in the present moment, not fear death, etc… I liked the image.

  6. Ah, still sad about this. Not sure why. It’s sort of the end of this strange spell cast over the tech industry that was kind of shiny and controversial and interesting. What now?

  7. Anonymous

    Jobs was really nothing much more than a Henry Ford of popular computing.
    He and Ford brought the technologies to the people, but Jobs made his product more expensive while Ford made his cheaper.
    The world will go on as it did after Ford died.