Snail mail, human kindness

Above and below are Silent Type thank-you cards from Jonathan & Helen, and Cajun Cleary, respectively, and I wanted to use them to point out the kind of sincerity and artistry that you aren’t going to find in online correspondence. That’s what the whole typecasting thing is about. (Cue violins.) Preserving some ephemeral record of writing and exchanging ideas. This kind of thing is slipping out of the world–we all know that. It’s why we stubbornly insist on typing our Nanowrimo novels on a 50 lb. SG1, or taking the time to type up an afternoon conversation with a friend. I could link to every last typecaster out there to make this point, which is: we’re all creating a collective and physical record of human exchange.

And with that, I want to aptly end on the typewritten note on the back of Joe’s photograph of the Silent Type magazine, a photographic print designed to last for generations, something that today’s petabytes of e-mails, Tweets, and cell phone pictures can’t confidently hope to achieve.


  1. Garrgh. You have no idea how guilty this display makes me feel, I who rode on the coattails of issue #1 with a single cheesy photograph.

  2. Beautiful entry. Yes, writing instrument to paper- directly. It has sound and touch. And, unlike the Lit Screen, these are reflective surfaces.
    Writing by typewriter or pencil/pen is a complete circuit of ideas and responses. And results.
    Computers can’t touch that!

  3. I got a print from Joe, too. Very awesome!

    Damn, I was going to write you a letter to show my thanks, but didn’t. I’m such a slacker!

  4. As a pen and handwriting fan, I have to say I love Joe’s signature! Beautiful ink and lettering. I know Joe offered a print of that photograph to anyone who asked, but I chickened out on requesting one…a very generous offer, for sure!

    Oh, and the SG-1 says to tell you it’s *not* 50 lb. It’s a very sleek and svelte something-around-40-lb.

    I do love that thing. After a week of using it extensively, I can close my eyes and just groove on it.

  5. MPC, that was my entire point here. To torment you into a proper contribution for issue 2.

    Spec, I like the term circuit. I like that paper and pencil can take that word back!

    LFP, take Deek’s word for it. You need a print! He did beautiful work on it.

  6. LFP: My signature is the only thing that’s “beautiful” about my penmanship (and I use the term “beautiful” loosely), believe you me.

    But about the pen and ink: Parker Quink blue/black in a Pelikan M100. This is the combo that I write with; lately in a composition book; then redline edit prior to conversion into electrons, for my blog.

    I’m thinking that when/if there’s a 2nd edition of Silent Type, I’ll offer a print to whomever submits a reimbursement payment of some sort to Strikethru for her time and trouble; kind of an incentive, ala the PBS “beg-a-thon” model (yes, you can credit your’s truly for having invented the term “beg-a-thon”).


  7. @Strikethru: success! I might even write something next time.