Silent Type availability: update

Darn it, I am way overdue to post something actually typed. As it stands, my scanner is located in any of a dozen impassable piles of personal belongings due to recent home projects, and I have no idea which pile. Thus, no typecast today.

But, Silent Type #1, (of which there is a PDF at left) is now available again from Microcosm Publishing. (Update: the web site may say “out of stock” but try again in a few days– the shipment of 30 new copies may still be in transit) If you’d like a copy, act now, because I may not be printing any more after this run, and they have about 30.

I am glad to announce that Microcosm will soon be offering Silent Type #2 as well (also available for free as a PDF at left)– stand by for information about when. It should be within a few weeks.

From this point on, please purchase copies from Microcosm, as I will not be selling or giving them away directly. (If you have already asked, I will get in touch with you and/or may have already sent your copy).

For those who have asked, I am semi-officially retiring Silent Type, and don’t plan to produce issue #3 or produce new print runs of existing issues after the remaining stock is gone. It’s been very fun to put the zine out and my endless thanks go to those of you who have participated and/or shown interest in the project. Its surprising popularity is a testament to your talents– I’ve had to print many more copies than I ever imagined due to everyone’s enthusiasm, which goes to show you right there that neither typewriters nor print projects are on their deathbed at this time. There is definite interest in this kind of work in the zine community (and possibly beyond) and I encourage other typospherians to consider printing and publishing analog-themed or analog-created work– your own, compilations, or whatever strikes your fancy. I’ll be first in line to make a purchase.


  1. Strangely enough, that is exactly what I am doing at

    Celebrating print publishing! It is a blog at the moment but the magazine in is the works and anyone can get involved, more the better.

    Sad to hear no more ST, I will cherish my copies dearly. You are an inspiration Strikethru.

  2. My noble heart breaks to hear the news.

  3. Just tried to order #1 and it is out of stock… sad….

  4. ST does have a fan base now- thanks to you- and so does the Typosphere!

    I sure hope you’ll keep blogging. Thank you so very, very, very much for everything you do to encourage us all!

  5. Hi Pamela, see the email I just sent you.