Seattle type-in: July 30

I entirely neglected to mention many things about this outing, such as Elizabeth’s collection of fountain pens (including this Lamy Safari that I have coveted for some time), and a couple of crude nicknames that somehow materialized (one based on something very dumb that I said, alas). Mike Speegle, welcome to Washington.

Whoops, one more addition, just learned that Adwoa was in virtual attendance before I even arrived. Sorry to have missed you! Also, we forgot to go to the Fremont antique mall, folks.

Oh man, now I have to update “my typewriters: a list” at left…


  1. Really enjoyed your report of the Washington type-in. I keep saying this whenever I read about typewriter gatherings- wish I were there!

    I am a robot fan so that typeface just blows me away. Gotta find me a robot typer.

  2. IDLT, you definitely need to get a robot typer. I can’t believe I have made it this long without one.

    Thought I was kind of awesomely beating the crowd with this typecast of the day’s events, but it turns out that I am practically the last one in attendance who actually put a typecast about it up. Rats!

  3. Robot typer week! I’ll be glad to contribute a post in Hermes techno tomorrow; wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun.

    Now, to the type-in – it is beyond awesome to be mentioned in all the recaps and to put up a post about the event even though I was “there” for less than a minute total, I think. Through no fault of mine, I hasten to add, the G+ intertubes are not yet ready for long-distance video chats.

    Don’t worry Strikethru, you didn’t miss much 🙂 We’ll catch up next time.

    P.S. I love that you are able to part with typewriters you have known and loved for a couple of years and come home with new ones to explore. I’m working on doing some of that myself, although I don’t have so many people to trade with around here.

  4. Anonymous

    Nice report and I envy you that SM4. I have the “senatorial” typeface on my SG1. Now I just have to write a robot vignette.

    Be glad I was 3,000 miles away or you would have had competition for the wonderful cross stitch piece. Itlooks a lot like the Royal FP sitting on my desk right now.

    Jeff The Bear

  5. Strikethru, you may hate my guts forever, but I’m soon getting a refurbished 1961 Olympia SG-1 with the much coveted “Senatorial” type-face. It is one of my most favorite typefaces ever, and it just looks so damned cool!

  6. I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure that my mother’s SM7 has the much-vaunted Robot Face, too (she picked it special at the typewriter dealer when she went off to college, so it’s truly a one-owner machine.)

    The towel is much better in a still photo than a video: I was fairly certain that it was an Underwood 5, but now I see the color that the video did not pick up: simply awesome!

  7. Next time we may have to have someone sit between Mike Speegle and Justin to help keep them in line….

    Your report was may more artsy than mine! Love the robot stamp.

  8. Sure sounds like fun — next time I want to fly up there and join in!

  9. Ted

    Sounds like an amazing time was had by all. I’m sorry to have missed getting in via G+. Next time for sure!

    I envy you to death for a robot typeface SM-4. I consider you now responsible for adding another machine to my Lust List. 😀

  10. That was a lot of fun! We’ll have to start planning the next one, for the south end. Also I’ll do a post on my mimeographs soon.

  11. Oops – looks like I forgot to clean the letter slugs. I can do that next time we meet up. The font is cool with the stamp.

    What a fun day that was!

  12. Since getting one, it crossed my mind to buy up all the UK SM3s and 4s and open a shop. Type one line and they sell themselves. Cherish your Robot Font – it is ace!

  13. LFP: It was all Justin’s fault, honest. He’s a bad influence, and I am easily led down a bad path.

    Oh, and Strikethru, you are not he last; I have yet to type anything up as I just got home. But when I do, I might describe a certain individual handing out threats over a certain towel…

  14. This sounds like it was tremendous fun. I suddenly feel the need to be closer to my father’s side of the family, which coincidentally is in Seattle.

    How do I meet up with you guys on Google Plus? I’m on there, but not sure how to add you lot to my “circles.”

  15. but but but…Cincinnati? Whuh?

    Dang it.

    We’re going to have to have a Mid-Continental Typospherical Cage Match, for territorial supremacy. East v West.

    That towel is fantastic, btw. Very nicely done.

  16. I don’t know how anyone can decide which machine to pick to take to a type-in!

  17. says, oh, man, please invite me to google plus so’s I can connect…