Sakura Gelly Roll pens

Occurred to me just now as I ambled around the typosphere that it’s high season for the type-in: they’re happening every weekend, just about. Was going to warn those of you meeting up in bars not to drink and type, but I guess it worked out for Hemingway.


  1. Ted

    Hmmn. I may have to try these on the hundred or so sheets of black felt cardstock I have in my (sadly, still packed) paper box.

  2. Oh man, those gelly roll pens were a big deal when I was a kid. Writing on black paper seemed (and still does) to be some sort of alchemy.

    Speaking of type-ins, July 30th is just around the corner…

  3. Use em up before they dry out! Like white-out pens, also excellent on kraft paper envelopes or brown paper.

  4. I think drinking and typing actually worked out for a lot of people…have a happy 4th!

  5. Writing on banana peel with a ballpoint pen is as addicting as popping bubble wrap.

  6. Wait…you can write on banana peel with ballpoint?

    I need bananas immediately.

  7. Writing on bananas with ball points is super fun. They should make banana paper. Do they make banana paper?

    Agreed about the black paper.

    Didn’t know Gelly Rolls dry out like Wite Out pens, guess that means I will be Gel-casting until they run out.

    And Pamela, true that. Everyone, pour a strong one.

  8. Wow it never occurred to me to write on a banana. Gives me an idea for a post.

  9. Art

    2. These pens were the bomb in elementary school. I think I still have some kicking around… as well as a few black-paper notebooks…
    *embarks on search mission*

    1. They do make some sort of banana paper, I think.

  10. So true, I am a teacher, and I always treat going shopping for art supplies for the kids as good excuse to pick up some fun stuff that I can also play with!
    Although the name for these gel pens kind of strikes me as obscene, I guess Sakura doesn’t know old jazz slang.

  11. Anyone have any tips for removing smooshed banana residue from the platen and feed rollers of a Remington Super-Riter? Just curious.

  12. Art

    Blogger needs a like button for Mr. Moon’s comment.

  13. They do in fact make banana paper, out of the leaves I believe. Ample responses to google “banana paper notebook” which are apparently available in mass market, and I’ve seen larger sheets in various colors as art supply specialty papers.

  14. Actually, Hemingway claimed he never wrote a word while drunk. His statements on this topic (and many others)are hardly reliable, but his real issue was manic-depression. When he was in an up phase, he wrote immortal stuff (“The Sun Also Rises,” “A Farewell to Arms,” “The Old Man and the Sea”; when in his depressive phase, not so much (“The Green Hills of Africa” and “To Have and Have Not”). I have a great photo at him with a mountain range in the backdrop while he bangs away at a new-looking Remington portable.