Return of the Polaroid?

A new low: I am writing this post with a mobile device. One with a virtual keypad, no less. Least retrotech post in history of typosphere. I dare you to stoop lower. If it’s even possible.

So I hear Polaroid cameras are coming back. Hoax? You decide.

Graduate school is kicking my ass. That is all.

Update. I see I am late to the party with this information. So then I had better come up with something else…. crickets chirping… stay tuned.


  1. I’m curious what they mean by “limited edition films”. Does that mean that they’ll cost an arm and a leg and be available only a short while?

  2. Yes, good question. If it’s not going to resume its place as a regular consumer camera option, forget it.

  3. Aw man, that would suck.

  4. I think/hope the “Limited Edition” applies to the Polaroid-branded product. The Impossible Projecteers were not intending to make film once and then shut down, though I do suspect the overall output will be low in volume and higher in price.

    The Fuji Instax line looks like your own viable instant-film option right now, short of buying a portable photo printer for your digicam.

  5. We use the instax film cameras. I think they’re only just getting started in the US as regards distribution. In the UK the shots (once you have a secondhand instax 100 or 200 for about a fiver) work out cheaper than getting Holga prints done, so not too dear.
    The tonal/brightness range is rather bleak, the colours a bit washed out as expected but in the right conditions they can outdo polaroids (so I am told) for detail and punch. They’re also wide angle pics. The camera on the whole is a bit plastic and anything challenging makes it appear more of a toy camera.

  6. Strange!, ‘limited edition’! does that mean to the Polaroid-branded product?

  7. Yeah, I don’t know if this means an actual Polaroid branded thing?