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Collecting typewriters: know your limits

Typewriters take up a lot of space. They’re anachronistic and kooky, and generally suggest that you spend time spelunking the web for encyclopedic facts on obscure mid-century manufacturing trivia. They’re not a good way to pick up babes. Therefore I proclaim that if you find yourself newly interested in typewriters, that you know your limit before you start acquiring them.

Let’s look at my situation: not a ton of free space at home, no desk or office of my own. All office-like activities are done from a small, poorly furnished nook of the home, featuring a wobbly, portable Ikea computer table known as Dave. Does this sound like someone who should be collecting 15 pound metal writing machines that come in big vinyl suitcases?

Early on, well in excess of my actual collecting capacity, I set my limit at three. As of yesterday, the limit was violated, as I fell prey to an eBay listing for an irresistible and reasonably-priced retro orange Olympia Traveller De Luxe. I still need to write that post about getting a typewriter on eBay, I justified to myself.

A bad move, I know. I don’t even have room for one typewriter, let alone four. I am like a polygamist who lives in a one room apartment. In any case, my point is this: know your limit. If you exceed your limit, have a plan. In my case, there may be an Underwood 319 looking for a new home really soon.