On emotional honesty and art supplies

Well, this page used to contain a collage, and the image link broke. Which is a bummer.


  1. It’s good that you’ve found an outlet (doodling) and it’s interesting to read about how it has become a new way to deal with life. You’ve been worried about the content of Strikethru but you have to create what you have to create regardless of what others might think. If it helps you deal with stress than you have to go with it.

    Creativity absolutely keeps me going and keeps me at least somewhat sane. For me the recent venture into writing more poetry is what has been helping me keep things straight. And I have my doubts about it (like you have yours about doodling) but at the end of the day, it helps me tremendously so there’s nothing I can do but to do it.

    A lot of great art has been created as a result of intense hardship.

  2. bikethru

    I don’t know if this helps, but one of the things guaranteed to lift my day, no matter what sort of day I’m having, is a new Strikethru post. You seem not to realise how good they are. That’s the point I was trying to make in my comment on your 18 April post. You had asked what content you could put up that was “not already being done better by somebody else”. My point was that nobody does what you do better. There isn’t a more stylish, original writer in the typosphere, or a lot further afield. Without a shred of doubt you could write (and I don’t mean tech manuals) for a living. Everything you do has style, you don’t seem to be able to help it. Look at that dandelion – and you call it a “doodle”.

    None of that really helps you with your recent “down”. And I’m not sure me trying to be practcial will be any better, but: you say you’re tired – well with grad school, kids and job, it would be a miracle if you weren’t. You definitely can’t subtract the kids and probably not the job, so when do you finish grad school? Would it help to fix on that as a finish line beyond which you can look forward to less work and a bit more sleep?

    Word: teess: used by golferss

  3. I always think one of the most important and best things in life is balance — and it can be one of the most things difficult to come by. Sometimes we have it, other times we don’t. Seems like you have a lot of your plate right now but it won’t always be this way. Hang in there (and snohomishwriter is right and art and hardship).

  4. Awesomest dandelion doodle I’ve seen all week. My eyes actually started to empinken and wet-up. I had to quickly doodle a tiny Benadryl tablet to stave off a full-on sneeze attack.

    (word verif=”spuma”: I still love pulling the white puffy seedheads off and, with a strong blow, send the spuma out to disperse on the wind.)

  5. Yikes. I gotta be honest: I was gonna come on here with a couple o’ feel-good aphorisms, maybe share my own feelings for some commiseration, but having read bikethru’s comment, I hereby merely second his eloquently proffered reply.

  6. Strikethru is my portal into the Typosphere; I use your blog-roll to check up on everyone else, and also look forward to your posts.

    The thing I really admire about your blog is the variety. Myself, I’ve formulated a particular style that I stick to, but I like to see the phases that your creativity goes through. In fact, reading the blurb about what your blog is all about says a lot, as if it were designed from the outset to cover a variety of creative content.

    Well done, and keep up the good work – even when you don’t feel like it’s been good, trust your audiencel; it continues to be the standard to which we all look to.


    PS: Wordver: afflo

  7. bikethru

    Hmm, I suppose if the stress and doubt you mention are about things other than Strikethru, then being told how good Strikethru is might not help much. Except that the quality of Strikethru makes me suspect that you’re kinda good at the other stuff you do as well. You don’t have to take my word for it, I’m endorsed by the mighty Mr Speegle (who, since he agrees with me, strikes me as a man of uncommon wisdom).

    If there are lots of demands on you, I don’t want to seem to add to them by hollering for more Strikethru output, but if doing the blog is actually a relief from other stuff, as snoho says, then don’t ever doubt that it’s good and that plenty of us out here like it.

  8. Aw, thanks y’all, always nice to hear kind words about yourself.

    I’m not terribly burned out on Strikethru itself, more of the overall time management issues I’ve been struggling with. In fact I wish I had *more* time for it. Don’t we all, for the things we want to do.

    Appreciate the support.

  9. bikethru

    DM, you’re onto something. If only I could doodle me a nice pint of stout … strike, get Mr Gates to put THAT technology online. He’d have customers.

    Word: mogrie: a freline, or crat

  10. Cheryl — did you see this? You are listed as #1 – this should cheer you up.