New retrotech column: The Analog-ist

Good news! I’ve brought the cause of retrotech to the University of Washington, and will be contributing to a weekly column on the Master of Communication in Digital Media blog, Flip the Media, that’s about offline culture, retrotech, etc.

The column is called The Analog-ist. I’d love to see your comments and observations over there, because I think some of the discussions in the typosphere are brilliant and I’d love to see them reach a wider audience. Come on down.

That said, I plan to keep rambling on Strikethru on my regular not very often schedule. So no change there.

Carry on…


  1. Congratulations Cheryl!!! I always found the on- and off-line ambiguity of the typosphere attractive – after all, we cherish the analogue, but communicate via digital. Greetings from on-line to off-line, and best of lucks with your column, G.

  2. Very good! there are so many young people who only know digital. Digital is doomed to obsolesence. How many even heard of (let alone built one) an analog computer. Many of the old things have been around for a century or more and will still be around and useful for another century.

  3. Ooh, congratulations! I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  4. Thanks folks! Appreciate the support. Hope to bring some of our favorite typosphere-style issues to the column.

  5. Cool! Will bookmark it and check in regularly! Good luck with it…