My (late) entry in the Clickthing Crapcam Challenge

Clickthing recently challenged typospherians and interested others to take to the streets with a low-fi digital camera
, otherwise known as a crapcam, to gather quick photographic impressions of one’s surroundings. The point of this exercise was to skip over the fetishistic focus on Just The Right Tools and focus instead on just getting the images with whatever sad excuse for a low-fi camera you might have lying around.

Today while at Pike Place market on a classic Seattle weather day (40 degrees and raining, but in a misty sort of fashion), I busted out my 5 year old, scratched-up candy-bar style Samsung phone, which features no internet capability and only the faintest excuse for a digital camera, and took a few pictures:


  1. Well done, I love these types of images.

  2. Ye gods, woman! You need to go ahead and warn a body before you just spring a clown picture on ’em like that. Gave me a turn, so it did.

    Interesting pictures, though. Especially the fish, for some reason. I can never make my lo-fi pictures turn out interesting enough; they always look like I am trying too hard.

  3. Nice to see you’re exercising your composing eye!
    These images have the look/colors/fixed-focus of SX-70 Polaroids.

  4. Mondale buttons and scary clowns… that’s some walk!

    Looks like your old phone has the same effects as my cheapo camera, especially the notable distortion around the edges of the picture. I’m trying to maintain the balance between planning the shots to accommodate the camera’s many quirks, and just pointing and shooting to see what happens.

    One bonus of the crapcam is no preview screen to use when framing the shot or to chimp afterwards. The pop-up viewfinder is not help at all, as it needs to be held at arm’s length to be useful at all, and seems to be pointing at entirely different things than the lens.

    It’s surprisingly fun!

  5. We lived in Vancouver once, when I was a kid. Apparently we drove down to Seattle one weekend because my mother wanted a set of dishware, sort of like early pyrex, that couldn’t be had locally. All I remember is the food at the waterfront market, especially donuts, and a KISS t-shirt that I was given. Nice clown.

  6. Odd. Those two repro tin wind-up toys can be found in the Moon household.
    (but not the fish)
    ((or, thank God, the clown.))

    word verif = “perbi”. I hate taking pictures in public; I’m always afraid someone will think I’m some kind of perbi photocreep.

  7. These are great! Inspires me to take my Pingo camera out tomorrow. Very nice.