Mod iPad drawing: Dymo Label Buddy

Here’s my latest iPad drawing, based on a photograph of my plastic Dymo Label Buddy. (Don’t you just love products named “buddy?” Say, the Truck ‘n Buddy, or the Backspin Buddy.)

Don’t let puppydog-sounding products like Label Buddy lead to to think Dymo a johnny-come-lately to the punch tape label market, no. For the Label Buddy is merely a wee descendant of the 60’s era steel Dymo Mite, which could brain opponents with a single swing of your wrist (and possibly remove their heads at the same time, since it cut labels not with a serrated edge but with an open rusty blade).

I got rid of my Dymo Mite. You know what they say about having a weapon in the home, you just may use it on yourself by mistake. Label Buddy is more my speed.


  1. Another work of art! Shame that you’re not interested in pursuing illustration; this is the kind of art I can get behind. Forget pastoral landscapes; give me a label-maker in clean lines any time. I’ll hang it on my wall with pride.

    Funny you should post this up. I was having a conversation with my old man recently about ancient label-makers. Evidently, back in the 80’s, I liberated a Dymo label-maker from his office and proceeded to label the sum of my earthly possessions in one heady afternoon. Ah, youth.

    More recently, I used the more modern P-touch to add row and asset numbers to all 1,947 slot machines at the Aria Hotel and Casino. “Did it get old?” you ask. “No,” I answer. “No it did not.”

  2. Very nice. I remember all of the different Dymo label makers from the plastic to the metal to the modern printed paper and other materials. Great artwork.

  3. I’ve been giving my grip-strength a test, labelling dozens of containers of Legos that Santa (that sneaky creep) dropped off at Chez Moon. I won’t let the kids use the Dymo until they can prove to me that they’re mature enough to handle it.

    (word verif = “pustimes” which, what’s up with that?!)

  4. I’ve enjoyed my P-Touch and got to labeling our fuse box and a bunch of other random stuff around the house.

    All this line art is fitting in with my current train of thought on some other projects…

  5. This is months late, but I’ve gotta say that, due to inspiration from this post, I’ve just gone out and purchased my very own Dymo embossing label maker, from Wally World, of all places. I’m now going to go on a labeling spree, and no one will be able to stop me. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Hello there

    Sorry to come to this so late but I stumbled across it when looking for some images of Dymo products. My colleague Paul and I designed the Label Buddy (and all the other Dymo products at the time) at our design agency in London circa 99/00. We were both excited and scared to redesign what was for both of us an iconic 70’s childhood favourite!

    Your superb illustration was a cheerful reminder of the numerous marker pen renderings (ah those were the days!) we did during its design.

    Nice work!

  7. Thanks, and how interesting, agreed that would be a challenge to redesign. I think you did admirable work, I like the nice portable rounded friendly sort of aesthetic the new label buddy has, the old Dymos were, as I pointed out, rather medieval and weaponlike.