Soldering Iron

2014-12-27 16.13.08

2014-12-27 18.02.18


  1. Scott K

    Oh, very cool. Wonderful colours.

  2. Nice. In a former life I was a bench technician, used Wellers for years. Still have one in my workshop.

  3. Indeed it was the color that got my attention. A certain 20th century shade you don’t see precisely anymore.

  4. Love it! I can imagine this being used in an ICBM silo. The lines and color are so ’60s technological. Have you had any luck tracking down approximate age?

  5. Dwayne I tried, there was a service sticker on it from 1982 but the design of it looks more 1960s to me.

  6. I have seen lot of old Weller soldering stations but never saw this model before. It must be a very old unit. Great sharing.