In which the University of Washington renews my faith in bookstores

This is all sharpeners. I mean, a whole *aisle* of just sharpeners. I didn’t even capture the whole aisle in the photo.

Same, but erasers. Amazing.


  1. Office supply pr0n, that’s what it is.

  2. Ted

    I might dispute the SM-4 allegation because I’m thinking my Swissa is the most perfect of robot typing machines, but I will concur that you have found one fine office supply shop (:

  3. Fantastic place. Paper culture lives!

  4. Art

    I’m jealous. Our bookstore is good, but yours looks great

  5. Oh my God. I think I need to give you some money so you can do some shopping for me. That’s an amazing bookstore, for sure. My little town’s bookstore? Ain’t worth the notebook paper it writes receipts on.

  6. Anonymous

    Absolutely!! The SM4 is the finest portable that ever existed, no matter the font. Others make that claim but they are just being silly. 🙂

    However, you are cruel to show all those great office supplies when I am 3,000 miles away. Bummer!

    Jeff The Bear

  7. You’re going to have to go through your library books and remove all the highlighting? Sheesh. That’s dedication to the craft of highlighting.

    I went to the UW bookstore today, but left after finding no good typing paper, i.e. the kind that you might actually be able to write letters on. Perhaps I was missing it.

  8. Very jealous — office porn is right!

  9. You know an American bookstore has a great selection when their stack of Clairefontaine/ Rhodia products is comparable to that of any stationery shop in France – where Clairefontaine and Rhodia are actually manufactured!

    (Frankly, Rhodia is carried only in a couple of stores in Geneva and we are literally a walk away from the French border… )

  10. Emojad

    I wish I hadn’t thought this, but the abundance of product often is the sign of its demise. I worked in a music store at the end of LP era. In its final decade more LP’s were sold than in all previous decades. As for the cassette, it was outselling the LP 10:1, but it soon thereafter fell prey to the CD. The CD never got a shot at longevity as MP3 killed the CD a mere 10 yrs later. Now the book and possibly handwriting is going by the bye. I don’t know if I can survive these losses much longer.

  11. I have to agree with your SM4 assertion. There are plenty of great typewriters out there, but the SM4 is my all-time favorite.

  12. I would travel to Washington just to tour this bookstore! Do you know the curator?

  13. I see you have discovered the ancient way of making an exclamation point from a period and an apostrophe. We didn’t need no steenkin exclamation points!

    But has the art of syllabic hyphenization been entirely left to the machines?

  14. Bluejay Young

    I used to have a typewriter with that font back in ’83 and loved it. I think I gave it to a friend.

    I can honestly say I was sitting here with my mouth open staring at the photos. Can you be my mule?

  15. I love, love love, those gold fibre notepads with the old-timey design! Great quality paper!

  16. Look at me! Envy writ all over my face.