I saw Very Semi Serious the other day, a documentary about New Yorker cartoonists, and was inspired by Edward Steed to revisited my goal of creating a reasonably expressive round headed stick type person, thus this gallery of heads. They seemed stark without color and so I added some.

I find these vaguely satisfying to look at even though I still haven’t really reached my goal.



  1. Joe Van Cleave

    These are great! Drawing expressive faces is so important to an artist, and I can remember being taught how, as a child, by my artist cousin. Add some stick bodies and snarky, hipster dialog balloons and you’re a cartoonist!

    I love the New Yorker, and must see the film.

    Years ago Danny Shanahan lived near Albuquerque and I came to know him. He still gets published in the New Yorker on occasion.

    It’s great to see another blog article, I’ve missed you.


  2. Loved drawing cartoons when I was a kid. Although I was better at writing them than drawing them. It’s hard to arrive at a unique style, but it looks like you’re getting there. 🙂