First glass of wine in 12 months: a typecast


  1. If drinking a glass of wine gets you posting again, then I say drink up!

    “It was my piano.” That’s a good line. There is something cool about the actual physical use of a typewriter, which is just another benefit of using one. It just feels right, especially on a good machine.

  2. Ted

    If couch typing was good enough for Marlon Brando and his cat, it’s good enough for you!

    (ok blogger won’t let me use an image tag, so you’ll have to click on it..)

  3. I’m a Smith Corona lover myself – great memories of the Classic 12 I still use today! I began writing stories at first when my mom would take my sister and I to her office on Saturdays. I would peck away at a IBM Selectric II and I’ve been in love with typewriters ever since!

    And you have incidentally stumbled upon an interactive blog post I’ve been planning! More to come…!!

  4. No, drunken typing is more like this (in my experience, anyway):

    [squinting at keyboard, finger hovering unsteadily over the keys like a Kreskin’s Crystal]
    “Mother[bleep]in’ T… Mother[bleep]in’ H… Mother[bleep]in’ E…”
    [forgets thought]

    Word ver: asqak: what that annoying duck says who keeps popping up to remind you that you’re paying too much for your proctologist.

  5. 12 months? What have you been waiting for?

  6. OK, in addition to the content, I love the look of this typecast. How did you do that?

  7. The paper I typed this on has a ‘crumbled paper’ design on it. I used the same paper for the first page of Silent Type 1.

    I see Marlon Brando was typing with the case under the typewriter, or maybe that model had the case built into the base like some of them do?

    I was pregnant and all that, thus sadly having to avoid glasses of huckleberry dessert wine after dinner for a long while.

    Stinglos is not as good as Asqak, darn.

  8. From the adjacent desk, a coworker turned to me in irritation.

    “Stop doing that!”
    “Stop doing what?”
    “Pounding on the computer.”

    Is it possible to spend too much time using a typewriter? I don’t think so, but it can change how you relate to a fragile computer keyboard. The Remingtons, Royals, and Smith-Coronas I’ve known don’t seem to have minded the workout.

    If I may be clinical, writer’s block is self-limitation. Alcohol loosens inhibitions. Up to a point, I write more like Faulkner with an adult beverage close by.

  9. It is nice to see your typecast and congrats on your first glass of wine. I know that my wife was quite excited for her first after being pregnant.

    I think I type more when on a couch or recliner and typewriter on my lap. I think my poor, lean-back posture, in my chair at work, limits my time typing sitting straight.

    I knew there was something about that crumpled paper. I kept looking at the impressions and thought they looked too neat for a crumpled page. I kept trying to gauge the angles…not sure why I didn’t guess that it was a printout…but then again, I’m pretty proficient in over-analyzing things!

  10. And I thought you’d crumpled your typecast in drunken despair, then thought better of it!

  11. Very cool paper – I agree, I thought it was actually crumpled too.

    I’m useless after a glass of wine myself; I fall asleep immediately!