Favorite typewriter presents

I have a couple of friends who are artists, and on top of that very generous people who always make amazing handmade birthday gifts for friends and relatives. Today we had a thing for my birthday, for which they gave me the following card and present.

My crappy cell phone camera doesn’t really demonstrate properly that this is 3-D and even the keys are punched out and angled upward:

This is about three feet wide and quite impressive to behold, each of the keys is actually a frame with a removable glass window for putting pictures, etc., although I’m likely to keep it just the way it is. They cut all the pieces by hand:

Wowza. What typewriter gifts have y’all gotten from people? For example, I know Duffy Moon’s wife made him a typewriter cake once which I’ve just tried in vain to find online somewhere…


  1. Feliz cumpleanos!

    Seriously, though, those are some pretty deluxe presents. You friends must like you, or something.

  2. Awesome. For a while there, I thought it was a real typer.

    Birthday greetings!

  3. Kinda makes a Hallmark seem kinda lame, I suppose.
    And a digital “Happy Birthday” even lamer.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday.

    (word verif = “fedup”; no further comments.)

  4. DM, where the heck is a link to your typewriter cake? And Speeg, certainly Mrs. S has made you a typewriter gift or two, talent that she is. Her typewriter towel hangs in a prized spot on the oven handle in my house, woe to the fool who tries to use it to wipe up baby faces…

  5. lo-tech, I thought it was a real typewriter too when I started to unwrap it, the friend who made it has been known to do things like make giant contraptions out of wood so it would have been no stretch.

  6. Amazing. Happy birthday!

  7. Well, this is embarrassing. I seem to have lost the typewriter cake picture myself.
    Gonna have to check the hard drive for it.

    Plus – you didn’t really go into birthday details, but I seem to recall us being similar in age: Is this a major milestone for you? Aspiring minds want to know.

  8. Bonne Anniversaire et happy Birthday — what a great “card”! Very fun…..and hope you had some cake too….

  9. Lordy lordy….

    I’m 40.

  10. Those are all kinds of awesome. happy birthday!

  11. These.

    My wife made me my own typewriter-themed cake for my $-0


  12. wow! wonderfully creative gifts! happy birthday! 😀

  13. Most belated birthday greetings. Your pals know what you like! Closest I came was a lovely old S&N Bijou for my 50th in February and yes, I made a Remington Rand birthday card for my long-suffering partner. The distressing on those wood-framed keys of yours is impressive!