Now, there’s just about one of the most search-unfriendly post titles possible.

I know *one* of you retrotechnical types out there already blogged about Poladroid. Please point me to that post, because I missed it.

Was poking around the interweb and found a link to it on Dearly Devoted. Poladroid, quite simply, turns digital photographs into digital Polaroids. Which is cheaper and less time consuming than:

1) Rummaging around the Goodwill technology graveyard bins for a functioning Polaroid camera;
2) Buying overpriced discontinued Polaroid film from an eBay reseller and waiting two weeks for it to arrive;
3)Shooting Polaroids, watching them ooze from the camera, and then waiting while they slowly fade into view;
4) Placing them facedown on a flatbed scanner;
5) Fooling with the resulting image on your computer.

It is however, not as cool as the above sequence of actions. Which I don’t need to tell a bunch of typecasters, do I?

Note that Poladroid is a little bit quirky, as far as freeware goes. Not a bad thing, really.


  1. Cool app. And I say that not being a gigantic fan of fauxlaroid images (congratulations, I think you’ve coined another term!). There are also Photoshop actions and filters to emulate Polaroids, but this looks better than any I’ve seen. (Mind you, I haven’t played with it myself; I’m just looking through the Flickr gallery.)

    This might be one of those format emulators that don’t bug me. After all, with Polaroid film soon to be extinct, these emulators may be the only way to achieve that look.

  2. Came across your site whilst searching for moleskine/rhodia info… love it love it love it! 😉 Looking forward to following your posts in the future. We love paper/pen/ink almost as much as you do…Thx

  3. Olivander, hoping to see you crank out some fauxlaroids…

    J&T: Thanks! Hope to see you around in the comments. I was just rummaging through Rhodia notebooks earlier today but ended up getting a dented Moleskine appointment book for 15% off. Might be time for another post about notebooks…

  4. It may not be perfect, but that fauxlariod site is fun.

    A Moleskine appointment book beats two Rhodias any day. Even if it’s dented.

  5. I’ve uploaded a few to my Flickr photostream.

    It’s a fun app. I especially like the sound effects and having to wait for the picture to “develop”. If you aren’t one to dead-center your subjects, though, you may have to first fiddle with cropping to get a good Poladroid result.

  6. In the news recently here in the Netherlands. A Polaroid factory that had been inactive for a year or two was bought by a entrepreneur in Enschede who is determined to produce Polaroid cartridges for the niche market of aficonados, artists and photographers who chreish the unique qualities of the Polaroid image. Polaroid is not extinct!

  7. Gotta share something that’s gotten so ridiculous it’s transcended annoying and become almost funny. There’s a guy here in town, also on Flickr, who has been copying my work for some time now. I don’t mean stealing my photos. He practically recreates them. Same subject from the same vantage point at the same time of day. When he’s not emulating me, his default creative level seems to be hyper-saturated sunsets and retaking his own photographs over and over.

    On the 7th, I uploaded a few Poladroids. Five days later, he uploads a Poladroid. Of a sunset. Sheesh.

  8. Poladriod stalking. Creepy.

  9. Dirk, let us know if they start to sell film.

    Olivander– ! I need to see this!

  10. I just bought a Fuji Instax Mini – same technique as Polaroid. The prints come out in business-card size. I use them in my sketchbook-journal as add-on to my sketches and typed text. Neat and handy.