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Coin purse

Like a lot of sewing techniques, I can’t seem to commit blanket stitch to long term memory, and have to look it up every time I do it. Someday, it will stick.

Denim Patches

Denim, felt, cotton

Have been reading about sashiko embroidery and patching denim online, and this was my first attempt at either, although this isn’t technically sashiko. I didn’t use the technique, needle or thread, which I didn’t have at the time.

Note: don’t patch denim with lightweight cotton.

Coffee and Pencil Flags

Felt, sticks.

It perpetually annoys me that there is an insufficient margin on the right side of the pencil flag, although I was pleased with how the lead turned out.

Felt Accessories

I could make felt accessories all day–it’s my favorite type of craft project. I like the idea of talismanic objects you can wear or carry in your pocket at work, as a reminder that you can always control your time or your mind to some small extent, and stay focused on things that you would choose.

Mushroom Card

Felt, random paper I bought at Seattle South Lake Union Goodwill.

I won’t ever tire of 70’s craft motifs, mushrooms in particular.

Stare Bears Keychains

Wool felt, embroidery thread.

I produced a number of stare bears in several editions, attempting to reproduce a product from a simple design. I’ve always been interested in how it would feel, as an artist of whatever type, to produce or perform the same thing repeatedly for profit. It’s work, of course.