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Lego Sea Monsters


Drawing lego minifigures. Arms too short on the first attempt.



I saw Very Semi Serious the other day, a documentary about New Yorker cartoonists, and was inspired by Edward Steed to revisited my goal of creating a reasonably expressive round headed stick type person, thus this gallery of heads. They seemed stark without color and so I added some.

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Orange Typewriter


For years I collected and blogged about typewriters, and knew more about them than anyone in the 21st century should. Read more…

Pink Converse


I felt compelled to buy a pair of pink Converse with five tongues, and so I drew one. Something about the rubbery part is not quite right and yet I consider this one of the better drawings I’ve ever done.

Dymo Label Maker


Drawn on iPad

Dot People

Post-It notes, adhesive dots, Sharpie. Created at all-day onsite-offsite meeting.

Homer Sippy


I once owned a Homer Simpson water bottle. Acrylic and canvas

Cologne, Germany


I had the very good fortune of attending a conference for terminologists this summer in Germany, and spent a few evenings drawing random things.

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tabascoRandom place mat drawing while at breakfast with my daughter in Los Gatos, California

Cake Pops Gone Bad


Drawn on iPad