Christine Berrie’s art is retrotastically awesome

So retrotechians, run, don’t walk, to Christine Berrie’s Etsy shop or Web site to view her heavenly illustrations of vintage cameras (and one Royal Futura).

Here is an interview with her. She is brilliant.


  1. oh wow, she is *really* good. plus, vintage camera goodness! 😀

    Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂

  2. Nice artist. Some of her drawings are the very definition of ‘retro cute’. Reminds me of MicheleMaule, the person who does the typewriter drawings and the water towers, on etsy.
    Thanks for that link – we spend too much on etsy already!

  3. I just ordered a print, thanks for featuring her. I just got my first vintage typewriter and found your blog while researching my own post on it. I mentioned your blog as well, love it!