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What does handwriting have to do with Steve Jobs?

Here’s the Steve Jobs speech, and here’s a post about the virtual type-in from The Right Reverend Theodore Munk, Manual Entry, Little Flower Petals, Writing Ball, Retro Tech Geneva, who’d I miss?? Hope you guys had fun.

You are an artist

Ya know, as a post script I’m adding several years into the future, this was a little silly.

Jamie? Apica notebook going once, going twice…

Here it is the end of the night again, so much to say and no time to post. Argh!

Haven’t yet heard from Jamie, winner of the Apica notebook drawing. I will re-draw sometime this weekend if I don’t hear back by tomorrow. If you’re out there, let me know and I’ll get that notebook in the mail!

And the winner is…

The winner of the Apica notebook, as selected by the random number generator, is…

Jamie! Congratulations!

E-mail me the address to send it to and it will be on its way. I’ve decided to award a second entrant another Apica notebook, and will re-draw in a week, so if you haven’t added your name to the Apica post a few posts ago, go for it (or to this post, with your favorite notebook story). Enjoyed everyone’s notebook stories, as for me, I am using and liking Myndology stuff lately (See the index at lower left for Myndology-related posts). Seems there remains a lot o love for the classic Moleskine out there.

In a way this drawing became April foolish in that I didn’t announce the winner Friday as promised. Sorry about that, Friday sort of went off the rails for several reasons.

Note that this post was written in the least analog way possible, on the virtual keypad of a Windows 7 phone. Oh, the shame. I hereby hand over my typosphere membership card to the front desk.

Typecast: the revolution

Welp, the image that used to be here is lost. So who knows what this post was about?

Powell’s announces layoffs

About the Typewriter Collector’s Alliance on Facebook

News article about this weekend’s Snohomish type-in

Cowcast: Trespassing

Only in the typosphere would someone start a cowcasting meme, and that person is Clickthing. If you poke around the typosphere, you will find others. Here’s mine.

Oh, I realize brussels sprouts is spelled with an s on the end of brussels. But it just sounds wrong that way.

First glass of wine in 12 months: a typecast

Silent Type 2: They said it would never be finished. They were wrong.

Eternal thanks to Brandon, who did the layout for ST’s 1 and 2 in Adobe InDesign, a program I do not understand in the least.

Random drawing for prizes: Typewriter buttons!

The buttons were designed by the talented Christina Siravo and are even more gorgeous in person. If you’re the winner, be sure to thank Speculator for supplying the prize!

And the winner of the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit is…

The winner of the Knock Knock Personal Library kit, as chosen by my lovely assistant, the Random Number Generator, is….


Lawfrog, e-mail me your address at strikethru (at) and I will send off your prize.