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First glass of wine in 12 months: a typecast

Silent Type 2: They said it would never be finished. They were wrong.

Eternal thanks to Brandon, who did the layout for ST’s 1 and 2 in Adobe InDesign, a program I do not understand in the least.

Random drawing for prizes: Typewriter buttons!

The buttons were designed by the talented Christina Siravo and are even more gorgeous in person. If you’re the winner, be sure to thank Speculator for supplying the prize!

And the winner of the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit is…

The winner of the Knock Knock Personal Library kit, as chosen by my lovely assistant, the Random Number Generator, is….


Lawfrog, e-mail me your address at strikethru (at) and I will send off your prize.


The amazing scanless, direct-to-upload pencast solution (or at least, an experiment)

This is the tablet I’m using
, if anyone is curious. If you’re wondering why one would want to pencast if it didn’t involve Parker 51’s or Clairefontaine notebooks, well, good point.

But the tablet is kind of fun, for the record.

And the winner is…


Congratulations, you’re the winner of the leather journal, chosen by my lovely assistant, a random interweb number picker (after adjusting for super advanced math concepts such as multiple posts by the same person, etc.)

Alex, e-mail me your mailing address and I shall whisk the prize off to you.

Yet another drawing for a new prize is just around the corner. At this rate, I need to hire a slick-haired elderly gentleman with a booming voice to handle all these contests.

In other news, it’s high time for some new content. (That goes for the entire typosphere, coughSpeegle Mondaandotherscough.) Good thing there is some vacation coming up.

Typecast: "Like new"

It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel blind)

Interweb 1, attention span 0

Here is a strangely comforting forum discussion about the scourge of the dwindling attention span.

Random Strikethru drawing: win typewriter button set from the Regional Assembly of Text

I know that I have some questions to answer about the typewriter journal project. I am assembling a Q&A, so look for it in the next week. Note that the deadline is June 15th, not May 30th. (Do you get the sense I am winging the details of this project? Worry not. It will get done.)

In other news, welcome to the First Official Strikethru Drawing For A Random Prize (FOSDFARP), which in this case is a set of three typewriter buttons from the Regional Assembly of Text.

Instructions to win: leave a comment on this post, in which you make a random remark about ephemera, pens, buttons, typewriters, cameras, or any related item of paper-based nerd-dom, for the entertainment of your fellow entrants.

You: “I’m too cool to enter this drawing.”
Me: Wrong. Everyone into this general scribeomechanical hobby is a nerd. Face facts.

You: “I don’t wear buttons.”
Me: I am sure you know a person/bulletin board that does, and we need to get the typewriting message out there, my friends.

You: “How will you pick the winner?”
Me: The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the blog sometime in June. Winner will e-mail me their address, and I will send em off this cool set of buttons, whereupon they shall bask in the glory of winning the FOSDFARP.

You: “Why the hell are you having a FOSDFARP? What is this, Publisher’s Clearing House?”
Me: I thought someone might like some typewriter buttons, and it’s time to shake things up out there in the typosphere. It’s CONTEST TIME!!!

Leave a comment. You know you want to. By the way, are there any new or prospective typecasters out there that aren’t listed in my Typosphere list? If so, I want to hear about it.