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Pink Converse


I felt compelled to buy a pair of pink Converse with five tongues, and so I drew one. Something about the rubbery part is not quite right and yet I consider this one of the better drawings I’ve ever done.

Dymo Label Maker


Drawn on iPad

Dot People

Post-It notes, adhesive dots, Sharpie. Created at all-day onsite-offsite meeting.

Homer Sippy


I once owned a Homer Simpson water bottle. Acrylic and canvas

Paper Typewriter


Made from cardboard, foil tape, various paper.

Princess Phone



Made from construction paper and foil tape

Cigarette Pack Notebooks



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Paper Bot(s)



Watercolor, foil tape, construction paper

Cologne, Germany


I had the very good fortune of attending a conference for terminologists this summer in Germany, and spent a few evenings drawing random things.

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No Stopping Anytime

2015-01-02 14.00.43

This seems about right as a midlife signpost. By this point you’ve set up some pretty elaborate systems to sustain your job or family, or whatever your thing is, and there’s no pulling off to the shoulder for a smoke, or suddenly deciding to drive the opposite way. You’d better put the petal to the floor and keep on going if you care about the general safety of others on the road.