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Stare Bears: Risograph

Risograph print, Facebook Analog Research Lab

This project represents a mild act of bravery, as it took courage to actually operate the risograph machines available to us at work, which is otherwise only used by career visual designers who use it to produce tastefully sparse corporate propaganda posters with precise typography.

Stare Bears Keychains

Wool felt, embroidery thread.

I produced a number of stare bears in several editions, attempting to reproduce a product from a simple design. I’ve always been interested in how it would feel, as an artist of whatever type, to produce or perform the same thing repeatedly for profit. It’s work, of course.

VR Lyfe

Paper by 53, iPad. I drew this series to accompany a presentation for a VR-themed communications event put on by the University of Washington.


Paper by 53, iPad

Typewriter, Pencil drawings

Pencil drawings





I work at Facebook. This is what it’s like there.

Paper Typewriter #2


Made of leftover printer paper, scotch tape, and a Hicklebee’s bookstore label.

Lego Sea Monsters


Drawing lego minifigures. Arms too short on the first attempt.



I saw Very Semi Serious the other day, a documentary about New Yorker cartoonists, and was inspired by Edward Steed to revisited my goal of creating a reasonably expressive round headed stick type person, thus this gallery of heads. They seemed stark without color and so I added some.

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Orange Typewriter


For years I collected and blogged about typewriters, and knew more about them than anyone in the 21st century should. Read more…