At The Cemetery

It has nothing to do with typewriters, I know.


  1. Very moving.

    When my daughter was very litle, younger than this girl, we got to end of “Snow White” and I read the lines, “Her eyes opened. She was alive!” — My daughter asked, “What does ‘alive’ mean?” — Without knowledge of death we cannot appreciate life.

  2. I wanted to read your answer to “what does that mean?”
    awesome post.

  3. ‘S funny; kids not only force us to reexamine concepts like death so that we can reinterpret it for them, but they also redefine our perspectives about said concepts.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful words. But in response to your comment, this does in fact have everything to do with typewriters, because these are the types of moments worthy of documenting onto ink and paper with our marvelous mechanical marvels.

    Thanks for the typecast.

  5. Great read. Thanks. I examine many things I take for granted because of my kids.

    I agree with Joe. This has nothing and everything to do with typewriters. Had the same words been locked away on an iPad, would they have any meaning to your family twenty years from now? In this case, permanence is a good thing.

  6. I has EVERYTHING to do with typewriters. Life is a tapestry and the tactile medium is the message. Engage with life around you. Touch real things. Breath real air. Interact with real people.

  7. I love these comments, thanks for reading this post. I agree this is somehow related to the whole theme we all blog about and discuss, in some ephemeral way. I’ve been trying to do (and take my kid to) things disconnected from the digital world. Cemeteries are profound places, especially on a beautiful day.

  8. Wonderful post! It’s funny how children can sometimes ask the simplest questions which can force us to articulate our own views. I often find I have forgotten how to explain concepts to my kids when they ask about something profound. It’s good that they ask these kinds of questions. Helps us to take a step back to see if we are indeed living a life made up of more than just work, paying bills, etc.

  9. bikethru

    Posts this good are why I keep coming back to Strikethru.

    We are all just kids asking questions in a graveyard. There are lots of answers, but the most important is: “Be good to each other”.

  10. Late to comment, but wanted to say how much I liked this. Leaving out the responses to most of her questions made this all the more thought-provoking. Beautifully written.

  11. bikethru

    LFP: you may be late but you’re also right: leaving out the answers was inspired.

    Richard P: “What does ‘alive’ mean?” So you are raising another generation of philosophers?

  12. Joe B.

    “this is somehow related to the whole theme we all blog about and discuss, in some ephemeral way” — I think it is very much related. I see typewritten words being about direct communication, more intimate than electronic words. Not much is more direct an intimate than a cemetery. Your words paint this picture.

  13. Wow. That’s pretty powerful right there.

  14. Oddly, in a way I cannot describe and don’t quite understand myself fully, this has everything to do with the love of these ancient word processors we all admire. Maybe not in the literal sense we are sharing technical information about them, but most certainly resonates with the spirit of why we love them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. That was AWESOME.
    Just great!

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