And the winner is…

The winner of the Apica notebook, as selected by the random number generator, is…

Jamie! Congratulations!

E-mail me the address to send it to and it will be on its way. I’ve decided to award a second entrant another Apica notebook, and will re-draw in a week, so if you haven’t added your name to the Apica post a few posts ago, go for it (or to this post, with your favorite notebook story). Enjoyed everyone’s notebook stories, as for me, I am using and liking Myndology stuff lately (See the index at lower left for Myndology-related posts). Seems there remains a lot o love for the classic Moleskine out there.

In a way this drawing became April foolish in that I didn’t announce the winner Friday as promised. Sorry about that, Friday sort of went off the rails for several reasons.

Note that this post was written in the least analog way possible, on the virtual keypad of a Windows 7 phone. Oh, the shame. I hereby hand over my typosphere membership card to the front desk.


  1. My favorite notebook is an insanely thick Miquelrius, quad ruled, bound, red notebook. Basically the size of a hefty paperback book. I’ve been using it to take notes at seminars (I’m a scientist) for about 6 years and it’s still not 2/3 full. The flexible plastic covered has kept it perfectly protected.

  2. Lia

    My favorite would be another Japanese brand, Kokuyo. The covers are simple and the paper is wonderful (something I tend to forget until I’m using another notebook.. haha..).